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Life Insurance for your family

January 11, 2019

When applying for Term Insurance If there are people in your family who are dependent on your income, you owe it to them to protect them from the potential loss of income in case of your death. There are a host of Life Insurance products available of which the one that gives the maximum protection […]

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Shopkeepers Insurance Policy

December 11, 2018

The shopkeeper insurance policy is specifically designed to cover all the risks and contingencies faced by small or medium-sized shop owners. It provides protection for the property and the interests of the insured (and their partners) in the business venture. The sum insured depends on the value of your shop and the value of the […]

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Health Insurance plans for you

October 11, 2018

Life is unpredictable and you should be ready for everything. Do not leave anything to chance. A comprehensive health insurance policy can protect your family and finances by bearing your medical costs. What is health insurance? Health insurance is designed to cover the insured person’s medical costs in the case of hospitalization and/or critical illnesses. Why […]

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The secret of success in the stock market is not what you think it is

September 11, 2018

Most traders want to trade ‘perfectly’ in the share market, i.e. they do not want to commit mistakes or have any trading losses in their portfolio. However, there is nothing like a perfect trader; traders keep on adapting and changing their strategies to factor in all events and announcements. However, some cannot handle this and […]

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The stock market is getting smoked because inflation is coming back to change the game

August 11, 2018

That is to say, the specific economic conditions in which we now find ourselves have changed the market as the world has known it for almost a decade. The winds have changed, and Wall Street is getting to know its new master. It’s a painful process. Now, in one word, the culprit for all of […]

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The stock market is not the economy — but the wild ride of the past 3 days is telling us something really important

July 11, 2018

Traders, who had been levered up to their eyeballs, are speaking with their risk managers. And their risk managers are explaining that, according to the new model that factors in a new economic reality, they’ll have to borrow less money to play in the market. Volatility, these killjoys will say, has returned. After laying dormant […]

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Small Business Ideas in India

April 11, 2018

Technology, Internet and Networking together have created a land of opportunities for newbies and startups to begin a successful business and evolve into a master. Be it online shopping, social media, consultancy, education, fashion, Movies, Music, etc. Business today is everywhere. No business has ever begun or begins as a million dollar venture. Many passionate young […]

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Starting a Business After Retirement: Business Ideas for the Over 50s

March 11, 2018

Some individuals dream of the day when they can do absolutely nothing. To them, retirement is a euphoric future of sleeping in, lounging in the sun, and thinking as little as possible for the next 30 years of their lives. For most of us though, a life of zero activity and thought would drive us […]

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Investors Look For In Startups Before Investing

January 11, 2018

Not all startups are Investment ready & Not all investment ready Startups get Investment. Some entrepreneurs get angel investment in their first few tries while taking ages for others. With that said, We want to share with you the things what an angel investor in India look for in startups. Because once you understand what an […]

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